Your Tap Water Can Be as Fresh and 
Alive as a Mountain Stream!
We’d like to show you how ordinary water that has been spun and "restructured" becomes the most hydrating, most alive water you can drink.
This discovery has people raving about the fresh, pure taste of their water. Then they discover that their skin feels better, their pains dissolve, their emotions get steadier, they sleep more deeply. Their health revives.
Introducing “Structured Water”, water as nature intended. Brilliant ‘flow design’ devices create a softer, super-hydrating water molecule. Now available for your personal use, these devices will improve your water for a lifetime…not just a month or two, like traditional water filters.
You’ll know it is different at first sip as you feel, the softer, wetter feel of Structured Water right away. 
Structured Water = Better Hydration
It’s this simple: water is the basis for vitality, activity and communication for all the trillions of cells in your body.
Without proper hydration the body cannot detoxify from the onslaught of chemicals in our environment. And the water you drink - even bottled water - may be part of the problem, NOT the solution!

If you are dealing with any illness, pain, disease or fatigue, Structured Water can make a difference. It can detoxify every cell in your body.

Ordinary, lifeless tap water travels in large molecular clumps that pass through the body without entering the cell membrane! Studies show that much of the water you drink is not bio-available to your cells.  You can be awash in regular tap or bottled water and your cells can still be starving.
  • Low Energy / Fatigue
  • Confusion / Brain Fog
  • Joint Pain
  • Poor Circulation
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Poor Sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Low Immune Function
  • Emotional Swings
  • Wrinkles
  • Dry Skin
  • Dry Brittle Hair
  • Poor Digestion
  • Depression
  • Softer, Smoother, Better Looking Skin
  • Increased Cellular Nourishment
  • Greater Flexibility 
  • Feeling Rejuvenated
  • Decreased Appetite
  • Increased Vitality
  • Less Pain
  • Better Sleep
  • Better Moods
  • Improved Digestion
  • Efficient Waste Removal 
  • Detoxification
  • Proper Body Temperature Regulation
  • Healthy Metabolic Reactions
  • Better Immune Response
  • Less Allergies and Asthma
  • Increased Concentration, Alertness and Short-Term Memory
Let's take a look at how these revolutionary 
devices function:

Water that flows through these simple “spinning vortex” devices becomes re-structured, renewed, softer & more hydrating.

It becomes super-hydrating water that flows inside and nourishes the cells!
Structuring Combines Technological Advancements with Nature's Simplicity.
Simple flow-form devices revitalize water by spinning it in an infinity shaped double vortex.

Natural Action
Portable Device


  • Increased Vitality with Energized Water
  • Support Your Immune System With Optimal Cellular Function
  • Versatile Travel Device Makes Refreshing, Life-Giving, Energy Enhancing Water

Natural Action
Shower Device


  • Rejuvenate The Skin
  • Thicker More Youthful Feeling Hair
  • Feel Beautiful Every Day
  • Increased Cellular Nourishment

Infinity Water Bottle


  • Structured Water Wherever You Go
  • Energetically Charge your Water with Infinity Gem Stones!
  • Feel Energized
  • Increased Vitality
Want all three devices? 
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Water Magic is our jam-packed resource loaded with tips and information -- complete with video training -- on how to bring the real magic of Structured Water into your life. This $497 value supports understanding Structured Water.

You’ll Learn:
The Science of Structured Water
The Science of Hydration
How Structured Water Neutralises Toxins
How to Develop Healthy Hydration Habits

Out of sorts, low on energy? 
Let the Infinity Wave refill you.

The Infinity Wave is the energy of Water and we demonstrate how to interact with it.
The on-ramp to higher vibrational living is accessible to all. This gift to humanity is an inner energy signature that has vast ripple effects for co-creating goodness in your life – and your world.

By turning on the Infinity Wave, in an instant you can tune your vibration to the superhighway of expanded consciousness. To access your own wisdom, feel your connection to Source, flow with creativity.

That's right, if you live on planet earth we'll ship it to you for FREE!

   Each customer purchasing one or more Structured Water Devices receives Three Bonuses -  WATER MAGIC® 101, THE INFINITY WAVE & FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, a combined Retail Value of over $500

Our happy customers are reporting effects that we can only call rejuvenation. More youthful - from the inside out.
After all, aging and dehydration are one in the same. 
We are born as over 90% ‘living water’; over time, our cellular function decays.

Drinking ordinary water and dehydrating beverages, such as coffee and tea,  can accelerate the dehydrating (or aging) process! Perhaps that is why so many people experience joint pain, mental fuzziness, wrinkled skin, poor digestion, diminished immune function.

Poor Beverage Choices 
Poor Hydration
Accelerated Aging

Fortunately, there is a solution: Super-Soft, Super Hydrating, Structured Water! You can replenish the reservoirs of Living Water in your cells by choosing energized, soft, wet, hydrating Structured Water.
Some of the benefits:
  • Makes water safe by neutralizing toxins
  • Improves hydration of your cells – for health and youthfulness
  •  You get fresh tasting, delicious water
  • Wonderful showers & baths – no chlorine smell
  • Hydrates skin, no more dry itchy skin
  • Hair & skin rinses cleaner and feels better when washed
  • Healthier plant growth – green lawns – lower freezing point
  • Reduces pipe corrosion
Most of all, you will enjoy the fresh taste of flowing, re-energized water as you receive great bodily benefits.
Your body, pets, plants, your garden, and even your pool can benefit from structured, Living Water flowing in and nourishing them.
Corn grown with Structured Water produced an abundant harvest and plants that were over 4 feet taller than the plants grown with ordinary water.
Structured Water Has More Energy
Actual photo of photon emissions using a GDV device.
It’s that simple. You get fresh tasting, invigorating water that actually helps energize your cells.
You Will Radiate with Unlimited Energy!
It’s time to uncork the vitality within you and reclaim your youthfulness with super-soft, super-hydrating Structured Water – flowing the way nature intended.
Let me show you how these life supporting products will arrive in your home, and how easy they are to use.
Uses for the Portable Device:
  • When traveling, use it for structuring your drinking water
  • Structuring juices of any kind (apple, orange, etc.) brings more flavor out into the juice
  • Small enough to be taken to a restaurant to structure your water, coffee, tea or any other beverages you order.
  • Structuring wine and alcohol will smooth out rough tastes
  • Compact, lightweight and easily transportable

How many times have you left your home without healthful drinking water? Only to be forced to buy bottled water that is potentially carcinogenic, that you were forced to drink? 

The Dynamically Enhanced Portable Device is the answer when you want to enjoy the benefits of safe, healthful drinking water when you’re out and about, whether around town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling.

Your mind will be at ease as you use your Portable Device to turn ordinary tap water into the fuel your cells crave. 

Travel with the confidence of being able to turn most any water into something that truly feeds yours cells while also avoiding the financial aggravation that comes from being charged a ridiculous price for a single plastic bottle of water. 

Sleek design has a canister and interior flow-form made from food grade plastic used for kitchen appliances and is easy to clean and maintain. Lightweight and easy to carry when you are on the go, in backpacks, purses, luggage and lunchboxes. Dishwasher safe and drains easily from either end, and can be stored with either end up. 

Portable Unit Specs:

Length: 7.5”

Weight: 10 oz

Uses for the Shower Device:
  • For showering and bathing in Structured Water
  • For filling water containers
  • Portable - take it with you when you travel
  • Bathing pets

Just as we drink water that is filled with chemicals, the water from our shower has the same components. That’s why we have to use harsh chemicals to clean the “water scum” and “hard water marks” from our showers and tubs. Do you really want that on your skin? 

The Shower Device is a convenient way to enjoy the healthful benefits of bathing in Structured Water, and is easily removed to take with you when traveling. Simply screw off the existing Shower Device. 

Using our Natural Action Dynamically Enhanced Shower Device you’ll be able to have Structured Water for you and your family’s skin leading to healthier bodies. Also, you will spend less time cleaning using harsh chemicals on bathroom fixtures. 

Shower Specs: 

Length: 5” 

Weight: 7.5 oz.

Amplify your Vibration with  VitaJuwel Infinity Water!
  • ∞ Ocean Chalcedony: HARMONY & CREATIVITY

The VitaJuwel Infinity blend was channelled by Hope Fitzgerald of the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution with the precise blend of precious gems to enhance your spiritual evolution while maintaining a flowing state of love and compassion.  The Infinity blend was designed to emanate the energy of the Infinity Wave.

As we know from Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, water has consciousness and is both an absorber and a transmitter of energy.  A thought, emotion, word or symbol placed upon a water container measurably changes the structure of the water molecules.  It makes sense that for years I’ve wanted to develop water imbued with the qualities of the Infinity Wave, a high-frequency energetic of Love and Compassion, and now my dream has come true beyond my wildest expectations.

Vitajuwel technology made it possible to develop a unique blend of semi-precious stones and crystals that I dowsed specifically to carry the frequencies of the Infinity Wave.  I was thrilled to discover after dowsing which qualities each stone possesses – I shouldn’t have been surprised that each one beautifully and perfectly reflects the sense of uplifting joy and flow inherent in the Infinity Wave!

∞ Aquamarine: CALMING, CLEANSING & COURAGEOUS.  Calms and cleanses physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Clears confusion, clarifies perception, sharpens intellect and intuition, and promotes communication.  Soothes fears.  Instills service to humanity, and love and caring in times of change.  Overall cleansing tonic  for organs and immune system.

∞ Sodalite: TRUTH, EXPRESSION & BALANCE.  Brings harmony, balance and purpose.  Increases self-esteem and trust in oneself and others.  Encourages flexible thinking and fearless expression of personal truths.  Eliminates guilt, eases panic and causes release of old programming.  Stimulates third eye perceptivity and helps with insomnia, dehydration, and overall balancing of the metabolism.

∞ Ocean Chalcedony: HARMONY & CREATIVITY. Clears rigid thinking and enthusiastically opens the mind to new horizons.  Promotes optimism, good will and brotherhood.  Improves self-perception and eliminates doubt.  Heals eyes, gall bladder, bones, spleen, lungs, throat and circulatory system.  Turns melancholy into joy.

∞ Clear Quartz: ENHANCING & REVITALIZING.  As the “master healer,” amplifies qualities of all other stones.  Regulates energy, removes negativity, aids concentration and unlocks memory.  Works physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to create balance, harmony and rejuvenation.

We need every tool to encourage our spiritual evolution in order to be in service to the changes happening on our planet.  Choosing water imbued with the Infinity Water qualities can only be beneficial to each and every one of us, so drink up, my friends!

Holds 2 cups of water (16.9 fluid ounces)



My heart is filled with so much gratitude for you. I thank the universe every night for you and my Structured Water.


Very sincerely,

Kim DeCenzo



Dear Patrick,

I’d like to share with you about my Structured Water experiences. 

My father of 82 years, having had a heavy accident, 4 operations, enjoyed the first Structured Water bath. He reports to be without pain for the first time in a long time. 

My brother in law, from cuban origin, reports that Structured Water has helped him to find a healthy appetite again. He is enjoying it very much. 

Due to the immersion in Structured Water, my life is changing so quickly. Everything is moving. I was sitting on my boxes, yesterday participating to the Water Magic call. Ready to move to South of France on Friday. I felt scared and very stable at the same time. I am supported through the presence of immersing in Structured Water and sharing it with every person I meet during this adventurous transition. I feel like finally going home after a long time of being in exile in my own home country to a place where I have a precious friend, and being able to practice meditations regularly and combining spiritual life and material life in a healthy and balanced way. 

It is a great support and joy to know, that the water waves and activities have come into my life, during such intense times. Both, materially, humanly and energetically. 

With much love and until next time, 



This old plant has been here for years. After giving it Structured Water, it began to climb the wall! Nothing else changed for it in over 7 years.



I don’t like to go into public pools because of the chlorine. And maybe since our pools are open all year, the chlorine level seems extra high. Some friends invited me to do water aerobics with them, and since I take my portable unit with me to visit them (so I can structure some water for them), I took it to the pool. I swept the portable unit around me as I swam around that large municipal pool. I thought I could feel the water become silkier in texture; who knows? When I got out to shower, I noticed that my hair was still soft and there was no chlorine smell on my body, hair or clothes, as there usually would be. My friends said they noticed the same thing with them, which was not their usual experience there. –Okay, so a couple of weeks later, I had to be on that side of the island again and they invited me to the same class. This time, since I hadn’t planned on seeing them, I didn’t have my portable unit with me. Shucks. Oh well. They wanted to take me out to lunch afterwards, and I’m such a sucker for good food  so agreed to jump in the pool. Know what? It seems the pool was still structured! Silky water, no chlorine smells, no chlorine effects.

Another thing: I’ve heard people resist behind skepticism by saying they don’t feel anything, even after drinking a lot of structured water. A couple of my friends do the same thing. I ask them if they always feel anything when they take a new supplement, change their diet in any significant way, or get an energy treatment, etc. Most people don’t, but often continue their interventions because they feel it’s helping even when they can’t feel it. I don’t usually feel anything from most changes or modalities, and know it’s because I’m already very healthy–like having a house cleaner come in to clean an already-clean house. Fortunately, my intuition is good and leads me. 

Much love to you, dear Patrick, 



14 years ago I uncovered a hidden trauma from my childhood. Unable to cope with the emotions I began to numb myself with wine. I was excited to receive my Structured Water Device so I could start structuring my wine and neutralizing the toxins.

Two years later, I’ve transformed my emotions, lost so much weight that I can wear shorts I last wore in high school and I’m no longer interested in alcohol. It’s not that I chose to stop drinking red wine as much as I just started drinking water and that became more interesting to me. I can’t say enough how much my life has transformed because of Structured Water. 

Thank you Universe! 



The nose has glands on the skin on either side of it that produce such a fine oil that maven pipe smokers sometimes rub their pipes on it to obtain a special luster. However without dedicated cleansing, the pores in this area can become enlarged and even clogged. This can lead to an area of mini blackheads.

I noticed most of my 82 years of life that if I scraped a fingernail along this area it collected some substance from the clogged pores. Since showering in Structured Water for even a few months I notice the skin next to my nose is as clear and smooth and radiant as the rest of my face and body. Immersion in Structured Water inside and out for only one year has totally transformed my life and health. 


Shira Nahari


We are so positive you will see the energetic results we’ve seen so many others experience with Structured Water that we are willing to make the following guarantee…

You have 90 days to try out your Structured Water Device and if you are not totally satisfied, you are covered by a Money-Back 90-Day Total Satisfaction Guarantee! 

Each unit is also backed by a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty so you risk nothing in purchasing your devices and experiencing Structured Water for yourself! 

Additionally, The Wellness Enterprise, Inc. offers all products manufactured by Clayton Nolte. If you prefer a unit configuration that is different than our special offer, please email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Each customer purchasing one or more Structured Water Devices receives Three Bonuses - WATER MAGIC® 101, THE INFINITY WAVE & FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING, a combined Retail Value of over $500
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Natural Action
Portable Device


  • Increased Vitality with Energized Water
  • Support Your Immune System With Optimal Cellular Function
  • Versatile Travel Device Makes Refreshing, Life-Giving, Energy Enhancing Water

Natural Action
Shower Device


  • Rejuvenate The Skin
  • Thicker More Youthful Feeling Hair
  • Feel Beautiful Every Day
  • Increased Cellular Noursihment

Infinity Wave Bottle


  • Structured Water Everywhere
  • Energetically Charge your Water with Infinity Gem Stones!
  • Feel Energized
  • Increased Vitality
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